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Lady Duck Synchronized Skating

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This is a new site for the Lady Duck Synchronized Skating team. It was decided to make this website because we would like to include more detailed information about the team and such. The original site, is availible by clicking on the provided link.

A Brief History
The Lady Ducks Open Juvenile team began in 1999 as the Ducklings in the Youth Introductory division. After 2 sucessful, 1 okay, 1 awful, and 1 amazing season, they decided to move up to Teen Introductory in 2004, where they placed well all throughout the year; earning medals at all but one of their competitions.
The following season, 2005-2006, the Lady Ducks came back full force to win their first, fourth, and fifth competitions and medalled in all others. This season, 2006-2007, we are out to make it the best yet.
For more infornation about the Lady Ducks, please contact Marilyn Day. Her information is listed on the coach's page.

Terry Conners 2006
The Lady Ducks pose with their trophy.
Lady Ducks win Gold at Terry Conners!

What's New?

12/10/06 - 2 seasons later, the website has been brought back again by the loving webmaster. Certain pages have been deleted until further notice. The last update occured in Latin year, and since then we have won Philadelphia Areas, began a new season and won Terry Conners, placed second in Lake Placid, fourth at Easterns, first at the CSSC, first at the following year's Philadelphia areas, and began a new season which led to winning Terry Conners again. I thought it was time to bring this back. :) We hope you enjoy this, and I really will start updating again. Sorry about before, I just had a lot on my plate and then completely forgot about this website. There will be more updates later!
Til then,
3/27/05 - More updates... Fun fun! Placement Day has been announced, and the Skating Club of Wilmington will be attempting at three teams - The Ducklings (Youth Intro), The Lady Ducks (Teen Intro) and Ice Age (Adult Intro). Check 'News' for more details.
And a big congrats to the Lady Ducks for placing second in Rhode Island! They seem to have broken the bronze streak.
2/26/05 - Another update! Well, it's 12:14 in the morning, and I've added a new section - fun pictures. Check them out! (Courtesy of Cailin Lynch.) I've also updated the News and Results pages, and the next Skater of the Month will be Cailin Lynch due to her assisstance with the pictures; I had none and she granted me with a few (okay, a lot).
2/25/05 - An update! Well, at least I have an explanation. First, my computer crashed - twice. Secondly, Tripod does NOT work well with Internet Explorer. As I update this, it is 11:30 at night and I have just downloaded AOL to give you this update. So much has happened in the last month! Firstly, we placed fifth out of nineteen at Easterns, and secondly, we placed third out of eleven at Hamden! I have a TON of new pictures that I am going to be posting; words cannot describe how happy I am to be back!
1/22/05- I haven't been able to get onto Tripod, I am SO sorry! I have a few new pictures from a mom, and I'm leaving for Easterns in five days. Please, I need some suggestions, so feel free to mail me something! Thanks!
1/11/05- New Skater of the Month, new picture of the team from Lake Placid, new 'Previous Updates' page, and a new 'News' page for the team. Thanks, please leave comments (No more nasty skater of the month ones, I changed it). Thank you!

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