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Lady Duck Synchronized Skating

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Previous Updates

1/10/05- Okay, I've been getting WAY too many nasty e-mails about the Skater of the Week, so I am going to explain myself here. I have not recieved any photos from the team, but I will be getting some soon; with the new photos comes a new skater. We're back from Lake Placid, we got third. Good job team!
1/8/05- Almost at 400 views! I'll be getting a new Skater of the Week soon (because as IQA has informed me, the Skater of the Week is presently myself). I'm in Lake Placid, and we're competing soon. I've almost figured out how to add a forum... I'm this (- -) close to getting it.
1/2/05- I really need to figure out how to put up a forum (and an actual guestbook). I might be getting some more pictures to put on the 'Picture' page, but I haven't gotten them yet (no promises). Now I'm leaving for Lake Placid on January 7 - Not fair! Please leave comments... Thank you!
12/31/04- The last day of 2004... Hope everyone is having a great new year! I'm trying to figure out how to add a forum, but it isn't really working (I guess we all must be patient, eh?). I'm leaving for Lake Placid on January 6, and I'm going to add a few things there. And thanks for all the nice comments! They make me happy. ^_^
12/28/04- I added a 'Comment Form'. Check it out! I also added a few new pages, hope you like them. I'm so excited, and thanks for reading these little updates!
12/27/04- I added a site counter, to see how many of my lovelies have been checking the site. I'm also looking for the coding for a Guestbook, but I can't find one. I'll update with more info later.
12/26/04- I created the site, should be in good condition by next year... Get it? Next year is next week, and it'll be easy to work on it at Lake Placid. Enjoy!

Enjoy my site.